Thursday, 11 December 2008

react 2 rhythm - i know you like it

Ive been looking through my old house records trying to pick out key UK examples from time gone by, remembering that UK House is of course nothing new. Perhaps a 'Best of UK House' post is due at some point. This one jumped out at me. React 2 Rhythm's I Know You Like It. It's a pounding seductive rush of rave adrenalin. One of the finer cuts from the catalogue of 90s West London progressive house label, Guerilla.

React 2 Rhythm actually have a Myspace page. I wasn't sure to be surprised by that or not but you can click through and check the track in a better fidelity over there.

Now, i'm not sure how familiar Benga is with this record, but the track Pleasure from his debut album, Diaries of an Afro Warrior, shares a lot with this tune.  Too much of a coincidence not to have been an influence, surely?  Sadly its not on youtube but the mix on the flip side of GRRR027  is infinitely better.  It also has one of the greatest remix titles of all time. It's called: 'The Not For Love Nor Money Do I Remember Saying "I See Myself As Being Round For Quite Some Time" Remix'. And it sounds almost exactly like Pleasure. That said, the A side mix is called 'Scenes From A Fractal Blotter Mix'. Which isn't bad at all. More inventive remix titles today please.

Update: That mix isn't really the one. I will try to work out how to do youtube video tracks over the weekend and post it up.

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